Medical and Pharma Translation

We provide translation services for all medical fields, including medical equipment and its related system manuals, pharmaceutical documents, website for hospital and medical institutions, and medical dissertations. Please leave translations for fields such as medical tourism and new drug development that are becoming increasingly global.

Joyo Translation deals various translation needs of medical, pharmaceutical, and nursing care professionals, including healthcare professionals, researchers, medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers, hospitals, and nursing homes.

Handling Field of Area

Medical Fields: Medical Safety Management Department, Medical Care Department, Nursing Department, Research Laboratory, Radiology, Pharmacy, Rehabilitation Department, Nutrition Management Department, Palliative Care, ICT, and Clinical Trial Management.

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Internal medicine, psychiatry, neurology, respiratory, gastroenterology, cardiology, allergology, pediatrics, surgery, orthopedics, plastic surgery, neurosurgery, respiratory surgery, cardiovascular surgery, dermatology , Urology, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, tracheo-esophagus, rehabilitation, radiology, dentistry, dental and oral surgery, anaesthesiology and its related.

Pharma: New drug development, approval application, drug marketing, MR, ethical drugs, general drugs, biological products, herbal medicine and others.

Handling documents are

  • Business letter on pharmaceutical sales rights
  • Medical application documents
  • Medical Information Provision Form
  • Pharmaceutical Package and Instruction Manual
  • Medical Products Website
  • Pharmaceutical Marketing Materials
  • Pharmaceutical Catalog
  • Drug Use Regulations
  • Instructions, Consent form, Consent form Regarding Hospitalization and Treatment / Surgery
  • Clinic website