Law and Lease Translation

Joyo Translation contract translation and legal translation services include many experts with overseas business experience and are familiar with the differences in laws and regulations, cultures, and customs in each country.

Translation can be realized. Even in the final proofreading work, high quality documents can be presented with a check system by experienced legal staff.

Contract translation and legal translation services

Of course, besides quality, we can accurately respond to customer requests, such as consulting on delivery dates, budgets, and terminology management, and make optimal proposals.

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Points of this page

  • A wide variety of legal documents for companies, including confidentiality agreements, SLAs, notarizations, and internal control reports
  • Translation of these requires knowledge of the law and, of course, a high degree of expertise
  • Documents that impact your business must be translated correctly
  • Translation services for laws and contracts (contracts, internal control reports, audit reports, etc.)
  • Translation of contracts, audit reports, internal control reports, J-SOX laws, and documents related to J-SOX laws

There are numerous legal and contractual documents for each group and department within a company.

These various documents that occur in a series of corporate economic activities or economic activities contain very important content. In addition, different departments and departments will increase the terminology of each, and the wording and expressions unique to the document will also increase.

Businesses must use this complex document. By translating with a certain level of quality, crossing the boundaries between departments as much as possible, we will produce highly accurate (easy to use for your company) documents and share information.

Types of laws and contracts

The following documents and documents are commonly used in the enterprise and are called so-called legal and contract documents or legal and contract documents

Title Description
Translation support fields Legal and patent application documents
Translation-ready documents
  • Internal Control Report, Sarbanes-Oxley Act (J-SOX Act)
  • Patent application documents, judgments, employment rules, wage rules
  • Corporate articles of incorporation, management policies, internal rules
  • Business transfer agreements
  • Stock transfer agreements
  • Mergery agreements
  • Trust foundation establishment agreements
  • Investment advisory agreements
  • Personal information Protection Policy (Privacy Policy)
  • Patent rights transfer agreement
  • Program etc. license agreement
  • Software license agreement
  • Patent license agreement
  • Trademark license agreement
  • Copyright license agreement
  • Online shop terms of use
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Utility model Rights transfer contracts, maintenance contracts, basic contracts for buying and selling products, basic transaction contracts, contracts for outsourcing, contracts for consignment sales, dealer contracts, product storage contracts, lease contracts, land sales contracts, manufacturing Outsourcing agreement / Matter transfer agreement (MTA)
  • Distributor contracts
  • Employment contracts
  • Pledges
  • Worker dispatch contracts
  • Receivables transfer contracts
  • Mortgage setting contracts
  • Land lease contracts
  • Periodical building lease contracts
  • Store lease contracts Various certificates, regulations, etc.

We provide translators with solid knowledge and experience in the legal and legal fields, such as translation of contracts and internal control reports, according to the characteristics of the documents.

In particular, in recent years, management based on laws and regulations such as personal information protection, my number accuracy, corporate compliance, and corporate governance has been emphasized.

Type of Contract

Outsourcing Contract Goods Sales Contract OEM Contract
Business Consignment Contract Franchise Agreement Processing Contract
Product Sales Contract Dealership Agreement Sales Contract
Basic Transaction Agreement
【Intellectual Property】
Patent Transfer Agreement Patent Transfer Agreement Technical Cooperation Agreement
R & D Contract Nondisclosure Agreement
【 Receivables 】
Receivables Transfer Agreement Pledge Agreement Solidarity Guarantee Contract
Mortgage Setting Agreement Movable Property Transfer Contract
【 Real Estate Contract 】
Fixed-term Building Lease Agreement Office Lease Agreement Real Estate Sales Contract
Company Housing use Agreement Real Estate Brokerage Contract
Building Management Business Contract Business Management Contract Real estate Brokerage Contract
Certified Land and Building Real Estate Appraisal Report Other Contracts